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Woolworths Shopping Centre granted a permit  
After gauging residents opinion,  AGRA  opposed the development of a new shopping centre at Wells Road and Springvale Road due to the detrimental effect on the Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre. VCAT has determined to grant a permit.  While a number of objections points were confirmed as accurate including that Ritchies IGA store was a full line supermarket, meaning it was capable of accommodating a weekly shop, the Tribunal concluded that the proposal would not lead to the closure of the store and therefore considered the impact not to be unreasonable.  The Tribunal thought that a screen and removing some gaming signage would address the gaming issue of a supermarket being built next to a gaming facility (it is against the law to place a gaming facility next to a supermarket but this is the other way around)



Aspendale Gardens News Winter 2020

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Sports Ground in Aspendale Gardens

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback during the consultation period regarding the construction of the new pavilion and other landscape improvements at Aspendale Gardens Sports Ground in early 2020.

The project has been split into two stages with Stage 1 works to create the sporting fields and provide car parking now complete.

Stage 2 includes the construction of a new pavilion and landscaping improvements.

For more information, see the City of Kingston website. https://www.kingston.vic.gov.au/agsr


Mordialloc Freeway – due to be completed in 2021.

Aspendale Gardens Residents Association are strong supporters and advocates for the Mordialloc Freeway and have been campaigning for the freeway for over two decades. A 2018 residents survey showing almost 80% were in strong favour with just 9% of residents surveyed not wanting the project to go ahead.

To keep informed on everything about this project please go to https://roadprojects.vic.gov.au/projects/mordialloc-freeway and sign up for updates.

Please see meeting notes from August 2020 meeting here

The Mordialloc Freeway Project has created a new map to provide key information around the design of the Freeway with
artist’s impressions, current construction activities, and photos highlighting construction progress.
There is also newly relased landscaping designs. You can zoom into the documents to see more details about the area close to homes. Designs are here: https://roadprojects.vic.gov.au/projects/mordialloc-freeway/design
If you have any questions about the Mordialloc Freeway, please call 1800 105 105 or email contact@roadprojects.vic.gov.au.


Community and Legacy Opportunities – September 2020

There is an opportunity for MRPV and its project partners to create positive, long last lasting benefits beyond the infrastructure that they build:

Opportunities to support the local community during construction could include:
• Education: visits to local schools, site visits and tours where possible
• Participation: supporting local events such as fetes, fairs, working bees
• In-kind support: providing construction machinery, timber or mulch
• Fundraising / volunteering: supporting local community initiatives or sporting and recreational groups Community and Legacy Opportunities

Beyond community opportunities, there are also legacy opportunities with benefits existing past the construction of our project

Legacy opportunities could include:
• Open spaces development: create or improve spaces to meet the needs of a growing community, e.g. gym, playground equipment, seating
• Signage: Creating new signage significant to the local area
• Cultural: murals or other artwork
• Partnerships: partnering with community groups to deliver programs of benefit to the community

Do you have any ideas? Please email Ken Carney  on kjcarney@iprimus.com.au to take to the meeting on Thursday 22 October 2020.